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    Create a practice that supports your best work
    Critical Thinking
    Develop your communication, self-reflection and leadership skills.
    in practice
    Build confidence, unleash creativity,
    and transform ideas into action

Which parts of your practice are keeping you awake at night and holding you back?

Professional practice is all about solving problems for those who need your expertise. It’s a labor of love! But what happens when the person who needs support is YOU? Independent practice can be its own source of stress, making it difficult to see practice issues - and their solutions - clearly. And while we all have the potential to generate ideas to help us flourish in our careers, we often lack time, energy, confidence and support to make it happen.

PracticeGap offers a personalized, proactive approach to:

  • Addressing practice issues and;
  • Support career development & personal growth
We work with professionals in practice, just like you!

We provide Professional Coaching and professional development opportunities to support practitioners’ growth in the following areas:

  • Autonomy
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ethical practice
  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Self-Reflection
  • Stress Management
  • Teamwork

Our services are designed to ground, galvanize and inspire people in practice. PracticeGap exists because of the great work you do!

Helping Great People Grow

We aspire to bring career satisfaction, personal achievement and joy to the process of ‘becoming a professional’. Our commitment is to provide quality coaching services, peer support, and personal development courses for professionals who want to accelerate growth.

What is your ‘best practice’? Let us assist you in defining your vision and navigating your path to achieving it.


Have a powerful conversation. Finesse your ideas and take inspired action with the support of a Certified Coach.


You’re never alone. Collaborate with contemporaries in our facilitated groups and classes, and enjoy the benefits of ‘strength in numbers.’


Think outside the box. Develop in building resilience, reflective practice, and lateral thinking skills with our unique course offerings.

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Individual Coaching


One-to-One coaching

60-minute session. ($110 + HST)

Coaching for Daily Performance.

Examples include:
practice strategies // caseload concerns // clinical skills // interpersonal issues // ethical dilemmas // critical incidents

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One-to-One coaching

60-minute session x 4 sessions. ($354 + HST)

Coaching for Project Completion.

Examples include:
performance reviews // practice audits // business plans // board exams // professional development planning

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One-to-One coaching

90-minute session. ($133 + HST)

Coaching for Practice Transitions.

Examples include:
entry to practice //public-private practice // job promotions // specialty or niche practice // leaves of absence // retirement

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Group Coaching


Group coaching

2-hour session. Minimum 4 people. ($66 + HST per person)

Facilitated Professional Practice Group

Carve out quality time to problem solve with peers in a supportive environment.

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Courses and Classes


Group coaching

Healthy Practitioner Series

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (8 weeks)
Details TBA

Improv for Health Care Professionals
Details TBA

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About Andrea Meade

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
~Henry David Thoreau

Andrea Meade

Certified Coach

Andrea is the founder and Coaching Lead at PracticeGap. As a UBC-Certified Coach, she has been supporting individual practitioners and small groups since 2016. Clients describe her as warm, insightful, and non-judgmental.

Andrea has been in clinical practice as a Toronto-based Registered Physiotherapist since 2002. Her coaching practice draws on her past experience as a Clinical Lead, Clinical Instructor, Mentor and Independent Practitioner in a wide variety of practice settings.

When she’s not coaching, writing or facilitating, Andrea can be found providing outstanding physiotherapy service to her pelvic health clients...or just chilling with the fam’.


  • Clinical Lead

    VHA Rehab Solutions

  • Clinical Instructor

    University of Toronto

  • Examiner

    Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators

  • Senior Resident Advisor

    University of Victoria

  • Member:

    International Coach Federation

  • Member

    College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Certifications & Diplomas:

  • Bachelor of Science

    Physical Therapy (University of Toronto)

  • Bachelor of Science

    Kinesiology (University of Victoria)

  • Certificate

    in Organizational Coaching (University of British Columbia)

  • Certificate

    of Achievement in Pelvic Physiotherapy (American Physical Therapy Association

Contact Me:

  • Contact:

    Phone: 416.948.9007
    Email: andrea@practicegap.com

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Why PracticeGap?

We exist because of the great work you do, and also because:

Because independent practice isn’t meant to be a solitary endeavour. Trusted peers, mentors, leaders and friends all have an important role to play in your professional life. Goal-directed coaching with PracticeGap can help you get even closer to where you want to be - and faster than if you were going it alone.

Because the learning curve for professionals in practice is huge, sometimes steep, and - let’s be honest - a little bit scary. While there is no way to know it all, at PracticeGap we strongly believe you have the potential to get to ‘good’, ‘even better’, and well on your way to ‘best’.

Because the demands of clinical practice are real. Compressed schedules, client complexity, large caseloads, interpersonal dynamics, and inadequate support for best practice are some of the many real-world factors. The more frazzled you are, the more you have to gain with PracticeGap.

Because practice support that is individualized, unbiased and completely confidential makes sense. Working on your professional practice is personal. With your licensing body, professional association, and boss there can be competing priorities. At PracticeGap, there is no other agenda - we exist solely to help you access your greatest potential as a practitioner.

Because being great in practice is so much more than hands-on technical skills. There is an ‘art’ to best practice, which traditionally has included ‘soft skills’ such as communication, teamwork, and time management. We now also know that practice is enhanced when we have higher levels of emotional intelligence, resilience, and critical thinking skills. PracticeGap is committed to supporting professional growth in these areas.

Client Testimonials

Andrea is a skilled listener. Her guidance is well thought out and well reasoned. Her coaching sessions have helped move my professional practice forward in a way that is right for me.

- Samantha Joubert, Registered Physiotherapist and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. Ontario, Canada

Through coaching with Andrea, I've been able to process my thoughts, gain clarity on my vision, and take bolder steps as a leader. She is unfailingly kind and generous. I'm grateful for her support as I take my nonprofit to the next level!

- Angelica Hairston, Harpist and Executive Director at Challenge The Stats. (nonprofit Organization)

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to be coached by Andrea. As a new Physiotherapist working as the solo practitioner in a busy clinic, I was a lot of times lost and uncertain of myself. Andrea was very supportive during our coaching sessions and she asked thoughtful questions that provoked self-analysis. She instilled confidence in me and helped me find ways to also instil confidence in myself. I would highly recommend Andrea as a coach!

- A.M. Registered Physiotherapist, Ontario, Canada

Andrea is an incredibly genuine, insightful person. Any opportunity I’ve had to speak with Andrea has helped me to feel more insightful about my own emotions, motivations, relationships and life goals. She has a way of allowing me to feel heard on so many levels, and she asks important questions that are consistently thoughtful and thought provoking.

Andrea’s approach to setting realistic goals supported me through a particularly tough stage. Her ongoing support has offered immeasurable benefit to my life. Sharing anything with Andrea – big or small – is a safe place. She will hold your thoughts with the sincerest care and integrity and without judgement.

- H.A. Occupational Therapist, Ontario, Canada